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Who We Are

In a world where firms need to be streamlined in operations and focus on their strategy model, we help startups in laying the foundation of a brand identity that helps them create a niche in their field. We help big names take strides towards becoming behemoths and smaller firms generate buzz that helps them grow.

Whether it is your logo, website, online promotion, merchandising, advertorial, or any entity that mentions your name – a brand strategy encompasses each and every aspect. It thus helps in the creation of an identity that speaks for itself, an identity that is aligned with your vision.

Segregating Your Voice from the Noise

In the quest for getting their voice heard from clients and customers, Businesses try to shout out louder than their competitors. While jostling for space in a growingly noisy business scenario, brands tread farther than their own identity.

Almost every other company is using multiple channels just for the sake of doing it, and maintains an opaque veil on its working process. Transparency is purely lacking.

And here we sit grinning at strategies that are still stuck in the last decade. We understand startups and enterprise players, and know for a fact that they prefer transparency over artificially inflated numbers in any way. We are here to change things around here, and if we do have to hurt a few sentiments and persistent niggles within the branding industry, so be it!

Unabashedly passionate, boldly creative, and precisely tech-savvy – that’s who we are, at Brand Unlocked.

The Team at the Helm

The idea of a Branding Agency that is based on the ethics of transparency and clarity of approach didn't come up overnight. And this definitely wasn't a ship that set sail with just one captain. 3 professionals came together to form a closely-knitted team with the right blend of experience and youth - each bringing a unique set of skills to the table.

Abhishek Aggarwal
Sales & Inbound
8 Years. Yes, that's how long Abhishek has been closing deals on handshakes while working at internationally prominent enterprises. He's the one who nudges the core team towards deadline compliance as well.
Priyanka Jain
Creatives & Management
The team sitting at our corporate office or guys working from miles away - everyone knows who helps us avoid roadblocks. The guys look up to Priyanka for her expertise at Project Management and Creative Advisory.
Kumar Sagar
MarComm & Content
A Communications and Content Marketing guy at the core and Tech Aficionado at heart. Kumar leads the way in setting road-maps for content strategy, creation, and client communications.

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