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The Preconceived Notion About SEO

Search Engine Optimisation: the term has been thrown around millions of times on the Internet from Marketeers big and small. In fact, the sector has seen a few too many words and little action — so much so that marketeers now love statements like ‘SEO is dead’ just to sound like thought-leaders. But, this notion is as far from the truth as it is close to being false.
SEO is as alive as ever, but the old tricks of the trade surely are dead.

Transparency and the Lack of It

The point is, that the basic methods for SEO have remained unchanged over time. SEO service providers create Content that is written and represented in a machined language. The promotional activities then take into consideration the technical aspects that the SEO provider isn’t too transparent about. You too are thereafter happy that traffic is gradually increased. But only if SEO providers could be a little more transparent.
And well, that’s a big IF!

Targeted Marketing with SEO and SEM

See, it’s always great for your business if your customers come looking for the specific services you offer. SEO helps you get noticed and get customers. Practicing tailored SEO techniques can help your business get found by target customers easily. Getting noticed, however, is a totally different ball game. There has to be a balance between getting traffic, conversions, and acquisition of customers.
From creating more humane, customer-centric content that deviates from the age old machined feel, to creating a targeted approach for your marketing that’s fruitful for the long term — we are here to shake up the industry while focusing on transparency.
Tailored to the new gen and adaptable to latest Google search algorithms, our SEO and SEM services create conversions for the long run. Who said SEO is dead?

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